“Cobra Cabra” – Leonora Carrington (Chapultepec-Reforma)

IMG_0388 Cobra Cabra blanket copy (10-30)UMcr 72Fitz IMG_0389 blanket copy 72 Res

I chose to stand behind the sculpture because I liked the simplicity of the design.  There are enough frontal shots, this is what I connected with.   (Location:  Chapultepec, Paseo de la Reforma)

Some excellent pictures showing the cobra in front:    leocarrington.com     David Loger/Flickr     carraol.aminus3.com


*Here’s an excellent article about her incredibly interesting life.

*The official webpage of Leonora Carrington’s Estate.


Two of my other favorites from the street in Mexico City:

IMG_0397 *El Sueno del Fuego - Leonara Carrington IMG_0401 *Mariposa Mantarraya - Leonora Carrington


IMG_0392 El Nahual del Mono Leonara Carrington (0-40)UMcr 72FitzIMG_0394 No Entiendo Nada de lo que Dices Leonora Carrington (10-50)UMcr 72Fitz



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